United Health: Rising Cost of Energy Poster

United Health: Rising Cost of Energy Informative Poster Design


2022 October


Rising Cost of Energy Informative Poster Design | United Health

Empowering the Elderly: Addressing Rising Energy Costs in the United Kingdom


In recent years, the United Kingdom has witnessed a concerning trend – the escalating cost of energy. This phenomenon disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, particularly the elderly, who often struggle to afford basic necessities amidst increasing bills. In response to this pressing issue, a poster campaign was initiated to raise awareness and provide support to elderly individuals grappling with rising energy costs.


The primary objective of the poster campaign was twofold: to raise awareness about the challenges faced by elderly people regarding energy costs and to provide them with practical tips and resources to mitigate these challenges.

Target Audience: The campaign primarily targeted elderly individuals residing in the United Kingdom, especially those on fixed incomes or limited financial means.

Campaign Strategy: The campaign utilized visually striking posters displayed in community centers, retirement homes, and public spaces frequented by the elderly. Each poster featured compelling imagery and succinct messaging to capture attention and convey the campaign’s key messages effectively.

Key Messages:

  1. Rising Energy Costs: Highlighting the significant increase in energy prices and its impact on the elderly population.
  2. Financial Support: Informing elderly individuals about available financial assistance programs and subsidies to help alleviate the burden of energy bills.
  3. Energy Efficiency Tips: Providing practical tips on energy conservation and efficiency to reduce energy consumption and lower costs.
  4. Community Support: Encouraging community solidarity and support networks to assist elderly individuals in managing energy expenses.


The posters were strategically placed in areas frequented by the target audience, such as community centres, and within the clients care homes, libraries, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, digital versions of the posters were shared on social media platforms to reach a broader audience.


The effectiveness of the campaign was assessed through various metrics, including:

  1. Reach: The number of individuals exposed to the posters both offline and online.
  2. Engagement: Interaction and feedback received from the target audience, including inquiries about financial support and energy-saving tips.
  3. Behavioral Change: Observing any changes in behavior among elderly individuals, such as adopting energy-efficient practices or seeking financial assistance.


The poster campaign succeeded in raising awareness about the challenges of rising energy costs among the elderly population in the United Kingdom. It prompted increased inquiries about available financial support and encouraged the adoption of energy-saving measures. Additionally, the campaign fostered a sense of community support, with neighbours and local organisations stepping forward to assist elderly individuals in need.


The poster campaign proved to be an effective tool in addressing the rising cost of energy for elderly people in the United Kingdom. By raising awareness, providing resources, and fostering community support, it empowered elderly individuals to navigate the challenges posed by escalating energy bills and improved their overall quality of life. Moving forward, continued efforts are needed to ensure the sustainability and impact of such initiatives in supporting vulnerable populations.


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