Elizabeth Finn Homes: Recruitment Social Media Campaign

Elizabeth Finn Homes: Recruitment Campaign


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Recruitment Social Media Campaign | Elizabeth Finn Homes

Elizabeth Finn Homes, a leading provider of care services for older adults in the UK, embarked on a mission to revamp its recruitment strategies to attract top talent and maintain its reputation for exceptional care. Recognising the critical role of dedicated staff in delivering high-quality care, the organization sought to enhance its recruitment campaign to ensure the right individuals joined their team.


The primary objective of Elizabeth Finn Homes’ recruitment campaign was to attract skilled and compassionate individuals who share the organisation’s commitment to providing excellent care for older adults. The campaign aimed to improve the recruitment process, streamline candidate selection, and ultimately bolster the quality of care provided by the organisation.


  1. Targeted Advertising:
    • To reach a diverse pool of candidates, the organisation employed targeted advertising strategies. This involved advertising job openings on relevant platforms frequented by healthcare professionals and utilizing targeted social media campaigns to attract potential candidates who align with the organisation’s values and mission.
  2. Employee Referral Program:
    • Recognising the value of employee referrals, Elizabeth Finn Homes implemented an employee referral program. Current staff members were incentivized to refer qualified candidates, fostering a culture of employee engagement and retention while expanding the recruitment reach.
  3. Streamlined Application Process:
    • To improve the candidate experience and streamline the application process, Elizabeth Finn Homes invested in modern recruitment technologies. This included implementing an applicant tracking system to manage applications efficiently, automate communication with candidates, and facilitate seamless coordination between hiring managers and recruitment teams.
Elizabeth Finn Homes: Recruitment Social Media Campaign
Elizabeth Finn Homes: Recruitment Social Media Campaign
Elizabeth Finn Homes: Recruitment Social Media Campaign
Elizabeth Finn Homes: Recruitment Social Media Campaign


  • Increased Applicant Pool: The revamped recruitment strategies led to a significant increase in the number of qualified applicants for positions within Elizabeth Finn Homes.
  • Enhanced Candidate Quality: By targeting advertising efforts and fostering partnerships with educational institutions and professional networks, the organization attracted candidates with the skills, experience, and values aligned with its mission.
  • Improved Time-to-Hire: The streamlined application process and use of modern recruitment technologies reduced the time-to-hire, enabling Elizabeth Finn Homes to fill critical positions more efficiently.
  • Positive Employee Engagement: The implementation of an employee referral program fostered a sense of ownership and engagement among existing staff members, resulting in an increase in employee referrals and retention rates.


Elizabeth Finn Homes’ recruitment campaign exemplifies the importance of strategic planning, targeted advertising, and collaborative partnerships in attracting top talent and maintaining organisational excellence. By enhancing its recruitment strategies, the organisation successfully expanded its talent pool, improved candidate quality, and ultimately strengthened its ability to provide exceptional care for older adults.


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