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The Valleys Care Home: Social Media Campaign


2023 July


The Valleys Care Home | United Health


Social Media Campaign for The Valleys Elderly Care Home

The Valleys Elderly Care Home, located in Scunthorpe, England, strives to provide compassionate and high-quality care for its residents. With a commitment to enhancing the lives of the elderly, The Valleys sought to leverage social media as a platform to engage with their community, raise awareness about their services, and foster a sense of belonging among residents and their families.

The primary goal of The Valleys’ social media campaign was to increase brand visibility, and communicate the home’s core values of care, compassion, and community by informing the public that they could take a respite from taking care of a family member by bringing them to the home for a few days. Additionally, the campaign aimed to showcase the facilities, activities, and personalised care offered at The Valleys, positioning it as a preferred choice for elderly care in the Scunthorpe area.

Content Creation:

A strategic mix of content was developed to resonate with the target audience. This included:

  • Heartwarming stories: Sharing anecdotes and testimonials from residents and their families to highlight the positive experiences at The Valleys.
  • Addressing pain points: Taking the guilt away that family members might have by feeling that they are dumping there loved ones in a home for a short break
  • Educational content: Providing valuable information on elderly care, health tips, and resources for families navigating the challenges of aging.

Engagement and Interaction:

The campaign prioritized active engagement with followers through interactive posts, responding promptly to inquiries, and encouraging user-generated content such as sharing memories or experiences related to elderly care.

The Valleys Care Home: Social Media Campaign The valleys Instagram Post Mockup copy

The social media campaign proved to be highly successful, achieving significant results:

  • Increased Engagement: The Valleys experienced a substantial increase in engagement across all social media platforms, with a growing community of active followers liking, commenting, and sharing posts.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: The campaign effectively raised awareness about The Valleys’ services, facilities, and values, establishing it as a leading provider of elderly care in the Scunthorpe area.
  • Positive Feedback: The heartwarming stories, informative content, and interactive campaigns received overwhelmingly positive feedback from residents, families, and the wider community, strengthening trust and credibility.
  • Community Growth: The campaign successfully fostered a sense of community, with residents, families, and staff actively participating in online discussions, sharing experiences, and forming meaningful connections.

The Valleys’ social media campaign exemplifies the power of digital communication in promoting elderly care services, fostering community engagement, and enhancing brand reputation. By leveraging social media platforms effectively and prioritising authentic storytelling and meaningful interactions, The Valleys successfully established itself as a trusted and compassionate care home, enriching the lives of its residents and contributing positively to the community.


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