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Looking to get the most out of your Twitter marketing efforts?  Work with a team of experienced Twitter advertising specialists.

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Twit­ter is a pow­er­ful mar­ket­ing tool that can be used by busi­ness­es to reach out to a wide audi­ence quick­ly and eas­i­ly. With its con­cise for­mat, Twit­ter is per­fect for shar­ing key infor­ma­tion with your fol­low­ers. Addi­tion­al­ly, Twit­ter boasts a large pool of active users, includ­ing a high per­cent­age of young adults in the UK – mak­ing it an ide­al plat­form for mar­ket­ing your prod­ucts and services.

When launch­ing a Twit­ter mar­ket­ing cam­paign, it is impor­tant to part­ner with an expe­ri­enced agency who can help you cre­ate tar­get­ed ads and strate­gies that will get results. The right team will under­stand how to best utilise Twit­ter to achieve your goals. Con­tact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

What makes Twitter marketing so effective?

There are many rea­sons to adver­tise on Twit­ter. With mil­lions of users from all over the world, it pro­vides a mas­sive poten­tial audi­ence for mar­keters. But that’s not the only rea­son adver­tis­ing on Twit­ter is a good idea. Addi­tion­al ben­e­fits include the following:

Reach­ing All Audiences

If you’re look­ing to reach a wider audi­ence with your social media mar­ket­ing cam­paigns, don’t over­look the val­ue of Twit­ter. Though Face­book may have more users over­all, Twit­ter offers oppor­tu­ni­ties to engage with demo­graph­ic groups that might be hard­er to reach on oth­er plat­forms. For exam­ple, a high­er per­cent­age of 20 — 40 year old users can be found on Twit­ter than Face­book. The same is true for col­lege-edu­cat­ed users. So by expand­ing your mar­ket­ing efforts to include Twit­ter, you can make sure you’re reach­ing the widest pos­si­ble audience.

Reach­ing Active Buyers

53% of Twit­ter users are the types of peo­ple more like­ly than oth­ers to buy new prod­ucts soon after they’re released.

Addi­tion­al­ly, sta­tis­tics show that 80% of Twit­ter users qual­i­fy as “afflu­ent mil­len­ni­als.” By adver­tis­ing on Twit­ter, you’re reach­ing users who have mon­ey to spend.

Get­ting in on a Grow­ing Trend

Twit­ter report­ed that ad engage­ment rose by 23% in Q3 of 2021. This trend of increased engage­ment appears to be continuing.

Being Dis­cov­ered

Sur­veys reveal 79% of Twit­ter users like using the plat­form to dis­cov­er “what’s new.” This is why Twit­ter is some­times referred to as “the num­ber one plat­form for discovery.”

Boost­ing Odds of Engagement

Research indi­cates the aver­age Twit­ter user will engage with a Twit­ter ad 26% longer than they typ­i­cal­ly will on oth­er social media platforms.

Mak­ing the Right Impression

Sur­veys show that con­sumers (par­tic­u­lar­ly young con­sumers) are becom­ing increas­ing­ly annoyed with brand­ed mar­ket­ing con­tent intrud­ing on cer­tain areas of their lives. Mar­keters need to con­sid­er how they can reach poten­tial cus­tomers with­out com­ing across as exces­sive­ly “salesy.”

For­tu­nate­ly, 93% of Twit­ter users are actu­al­ly open to the pres­ence of brands on the plat­form. Twit­ter is a unique online envi­ron­ment where users not only accept, but often embrace mar­ket­ing content.

As this graph of mon­e­ti­z­able dai­ly active users world­wide shows, Twitter’s pop­u­lar­i­ty is also con­sis­tent­ly on the rise.

Our Twitter advertising process

Step 1: Dis­cus­sion & Research
We want to under­stand your brand, your goals, and your past mar­ket­ing cam­paigns from the start. This is key to devel­op­ing an opti­mal Twit­ter ad cam­paign. That’s why we begin the process of plan­ning one with thor­ough dis­cus­sions and research.

Step 2: Development
Devel­op­ing the actu­al ads and cam­paign con­tent is the next step. Once we have a bul­let­proof strat­e­gy in place, we get to work imple­ment­ing it.

Step 3: Mon­i­tor­ing Your Twit­ter Ads
We devel­op strate­gies that suc­ceed. How­ev­er, with Twit­ter ad cam­paigns, there’s always room for poten­tial improve­ment. We look for ways to max­i­mize your ROI by mon­i­tor­ing your Twit­ter ads’ per­for­mance to find out which ads and strate­gies are most effective.

Step 4: Refin­ing Your Twit­ter Campaign
Based on what we learn from mon­i­tor­ing your Twit­ter ads, we adjust the cam­paign in what­ev­er man­ner is necessary.

Step 5: Report­ing Data
We don’t keep our clients out of the loop when we run their Twit­ter adver­tis­ing cam­paigns. We share all rel­e­vant data, help­ing you thor­ough­ly under­stand how your com­pa­ny has ben­e­fit­ed from part­ner­ing with us.

Promoted Trends:

The Pro­mot­ed Trends fea­ture allows mar­keters to “take over” a par­tic­u­lar trend­ing top­ic for 24 hours. Their Pro­mot­ed Tweet will be at the top of the feed when users click on the link in the list of trend­ing topics.

Promoted Accounts:

Brand­ed accounts Twit­ter will sug­gest to users who don’t cur­rent­ly fol­low them, but may find them interesting.

Promoted Tweets:

Indi­vid­ual Tweets adver­tis­ers can pro­mote to increase their like­li­hood of being seen by tar­get customers.

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