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Are you interested in generating sales, increasing revenue, and attracting high-value leads that will lead to long-term business growth? By partnering with us on your lead generation campaigns, our experts will help you achieve all your goals with creative, data-driven, and automated campaigns that are perfect for attracting your target audience.

We’ve successfully completed hundreds of lead generation campaigns with impressive average results of up to 5x ROI. We’ve helped countless businesses grow using our unique approach to lead generation that is both creative and data-driven. So why wait? Contact us today to get started on your next successful campaign.

B2B lead generation

Generate unlimited leads and unlock real potential for your B2B business.

LinkedIn advertising

Learn how to make the most of LinkedIn and display compelling adverts to your audience.

Facebook advertising

Our data-led, targeted Facebook campaigns can increase your reach and bring in quality leads.

Email Marketing

Master email marketing with The Brains and prepare to see an influx of converting customers.

LinkedIn advertising

Learn how to make the most of LinkedIn and display compelling adverts to your audience.

Performance marketing

Ensuring continuous improvement is key for ambitious companies. Let us show you how.

Why choose us as your lead generation agency partner?

At every stage of the lead generation process, our team works tirelessly to identify, locate, attract and convert our clients’ target audience. This is essential to achieving maximum results.
What are their interests, mental states and core values?
What social channels do they use?
What makes them want to purchase the products or services on offer?
Our aim is to better understand their target audience so that when it comes time to create content for the campaign, it will be relevant and appealing to this specific group.

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Outreach and content strategy

Before we start creating content, it’s important to answer some key questions: Who is our target audience? What do they care about? What do they want to know more about? How can we communicate these interests through an effective content strategy?

One way to do this is by using tools such as social media advertising, pay-per-click ( PPC ) ads, SEO , and email marketing.

When it comes to lead generation, we’re experts. Our process is simple: we identify your target audience and create engaging content that will get them interested in your products or services. We then measure the results so that you know exactly how your budget is being spent.

We’re always striving for success, so you can be sure that we’ll use proven techniques to maximize your budget. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the field of lead generation and are happy to provide references upon request.

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How it works

Lead generation campaigns are designed to attract, engage, and convert an unlimited number of leads. To ensure success, we collaborate closely with you during initial workshops.

During these workshops, we’ll identify your key buying personas and agree on which channels will work best for your campaign. A content strategist will then recommend appropriate messaging and emotional appeals that will engage your potential customers online. Throughout the campaign, we’ll nurture and score leads to make sure you receive a significant volume of marketing qualified leads every month. Most campaigns launch in less than four weeks and deliver up to 5x ROI within the first three months.

Our goal is to provide exceptional lead generation services for our clients. Our team consists of account managers who keep operations in check, content writers and social media experts for all your copy needs, and strategists, developers, and paid search gurus for everything else. No matter what digital marketing strategy you have in mind, our resources can make it more effective.

In working with our clients collaboratively, honesty and transparency are key parts of what makes us successful. Each partnership is unique; as such, clients are just as involved in the marketing process as us. There’s no small print or hidden fees – instead, you can expect a relationship built on trust that will help both parties achieve their goals.

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Do I need lead generation agency services?

Without a solid online lead generation strategy, any business will struggle to survive in today’s marketplace. It doesn’t matter how good a company’s content marketing strategy is or how visually appealing their website is – without leads, they can’t generate revenue. Lead generation is the foundation of any successful business; you might have an amazing product or service that appeals to millions of people, but without solid online advertising foundations and a consistent way to generate leads, you can’t expect to build a lasting structure.

As you’re planning your budget for the upcoming year, it’s a good idea to set some money aside for lead generation activities. However, it’s important not to just go with the cheapest option – unless that agency has glowing reviews from existing lead gen clients and you are confident that they are capable of delivering an effective campaign for your business.

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