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Google Shopping is a widely used ecommerce platform, making it a vital aspect of any retailer’s digital marketing plan. By starting a campaign with us, the best in the business, you can effectively reach your desired audience, enhance brand recognition, and drive conversions. Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the benefits that Google Shopping has to offer.

Google Shopping campaign management

Google Shopping is a highly effective and widely used ecommerce platform, generating 85% of clicks on Google Ads campaigns. Google’s users are actively searching for products and services, making it an ideal platform to acquire new customers and strengthen connections with existing ones by increasing product visibility. For ecommerce brands, now is an excellent time to consider Google Shopping campaigns, whether you’re starting your first campaign or looking for an agency to manage your current efforts.

We are a data-driven Google Shopping ads agency that helps our clients achieve exceptional results with their PPC campaigns. We create personalized strategies using audience insights and purchase data to increase online visibility, boost sales, and deliver unbeatable ROI. Our unique approach to Google Shopping ads management is designed to help brands grow, and we use a multi-step campaign setup process to target specific audiences as they search for your product.

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Google Shopping ads management done right: Testing, enhancement and optimisation

We offer a comprehensive Google Shopping ads management service that optimizes your shopping feeds, tests activity, and continually improves ROI.

We begin our partnership with a workshop to establish goals and measurable KPIs, so you know what to expect from your Google Shopping ads. This session also examines your competitors and challenges, so we can develop a strategy to keep you ahead of the competition.

We take an analytical approach to understand your audience, by conducting thorough research of your unique buyer personas to understand what would make them convert. Using this information, our content team will create highly targeted Google Shopping ads that aim to persuade your target audience to click and make a purchase.

After launch, we keep you updated on campaign performance and recommend optimizations to improve your Google Shopping ads campaign or capitalize on new opportunities. Our reporting provides complete transparency of your campaign, including clear metrics and oversight of ad spending for easy understanding.

Perfecting your Google Shopping Feed

Proper management of Google Shopping heavily depends on having an accurate and up-to-date product feed.

We use your business data to maximize product visibility by including as much information as possible about your products. This ensures that your products appear in relevant searches and that clicks come from high-quality leads, ultimately leading to more sales.

As we collaborate and gain more knowledge about your target audience, our team will regularly optimize the shopping feeds based on performance, user behavior, and industry standards.

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