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Engage your audience.

Design that transforms the mundane along with the complex into a consistent, compelling, and professional visual journey.

Professional and experienced

Years of experience in presentation design transforming complex ideas into compelling visual content by providing you access to a full suite of presentation design services.

Clear visual communication

Clear visual communication of your information, data, diagram, flowchart, or technical illustrations. Making it easier for your audience to understand and follow.

Relate to your presentation audience

Presentation design that transforms the mundane along with the complex into a consistent, compelling and professional visual journey.

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Below are some of the most recent presentation design work, for a more full and comprehensive range, please view the full portfolio

Design & brand consistency

Ensuring that every presentation in your company to make an impact. If you are as obsessed with reflecting a consistent brand identity, you know that your employees will need more than a single template. Give your team a series of templates for each type of presentation and help them transfer their ideas without diluting your brand identity.

Professionally designed charts and graphs

Vanilla Rain has focused on professional slide presentation design and our goal is to elevate the exchange between you and your audience into a memorable and meaningful experience. Our presentation designers transform PowerPoint slide presentations into high-end, compelling visuals that tell your story and deliver results. We can create your corporate PowerPoint slide design from the beginning and re-design your existing presentation.

Complementing materials

Presenters sometimes show slides with the information they want to “leave” to the viewer, this will do nothing but put an unnecessary burden on your presentation and reduce the power of the main message. An alternative is to place extra content into a printed kit, which you can distribute to your customers and it is also recommended to provide copies of your presentation to clients.

Presentation consolidation

Clients who have numerous presentations from various divisions or sources, Vanilla Rain consolidates and standardises these, ensuring brand uniformity and sending a clear and consistent professional message.

It’s true that practically everyone in your business has a broad corporate viewpoint. However, the masses, settings, and threats are all different. As a result, your presenters should be able to do what is expected while maintaining a balance of consistency and adaptability.

Multiple presenters in your team can work together to develop modular presentations that are consistent with your brand.

Demonstrate that you’ve done your study on the market, business model, and financial projections while selling a vision or project to prospective investors.

We can assist you with developing sophisticated and appealing communications as well as communicating complex financial information to ensure that your investors make the best decision possible.

With an engaging presentation, you can pique people’s interest in your new offerings. Your product presentations are straightforward, goal-oriented, colorful, and appealing.

Let’s create your talk together, with a masterful narrative that will resonate with people and an exceptional presentation that will wow the crowd.

Everything you’ve done up to this point on your website, brochures, and advertising has been in preparation for this moment.

Your salespeople need to be prepared to seize huge possibilities. Send your sales staff to the meeting with a high-quality presentation that effectively delivers your message and allows them to do more business.

To market your presentation, pitch, generate sales, raise awareness of your products or services, or engage your consumers, use bespoke video presentations to convey true dynamism. We create tailored world-class videos to fit your budget and business goals. From concept to completion, we handle it everything.

When it comes to effectively discussing a new concept, product, or activity, it’s sometimes necessary to send complicated data groupings in a short amount of time.

In such circumstances, you should provide the audience a summary of your findings without going into too much detail.

We’ll assist you with uncovering the story concealed in your financial and technical data and presenting the appropriate degree of information with simple visuals.

If you want to make even the most mundane meetings more fascinating, bring a crisp viewpoint and a visually appealing presentation to the table.

With our adaptable presentations, you can form deep bonds with your audience. Strong ties enable you to confidently build your strategy, sell your solutions, and gain the support of each stakeholder.

Big data does not need to be tedious.

Your consumers, regulators, and investors will be satisfied and convinced by your tale.

We can assist you with identifying the most relevant information for your audience and transforming your complex data into visually compelling stories that are easy to comprehend and absorb.

Launches are brimming with possibilities. Your target market is interested in learning how your product can improve their life.

We’ll assist your idea to succeed by sending out communications that are both innovative and focused, as well as encouraging and eye-catching pictures.

Then, with a series of presentations tailored to area speakers, you may continue to convey your message across your above and below-the-line communication.

Ones with your team can sometimes become the most critical conversations, especially when you need to rally everyone around a common goal.

We’ll help you carry the torch for amazing ideas that will put people on the stand, whether you’re giving an annual vision presentation, launching a product, or taking the first step toward a huge initiative.

A good presentation should lead to some sort of action. To encourage your audience to visit your booth, include intriguing and call-to-action statements in your presentation.

Extend your audience’s journey experience by including your booth in your presentation topics.

With signs and graphics in a real location where your participants will love interacting, we will support your big concept.

Whether it’s an opening speech or a TED-style meeting, or a launch event presentation or an introductory meeting, we’re helping you create a story-driven, cinematic presentation that excites your community and leads them to spread your message.

Your message should sometimes speak for itself.

We apply the same concepts that have proven themselves over time to narratives if your presentation needs to be understood without a server.

We emphasize your customers’ experiences because you care about them, so we design meaningful interactions that answer questions and help them understand you.

Infographic Design for Old Mutual

Visually represent your concepts & ideas

Intelligent data visualizations develop a deeper interaction with your audience and our designers are experienced in this field.

How you present your data is as vital as the data provided. Displaying your findings in the incorrect manner could result in showing you in a negative light, therefore it is important to work with designers who are data visualization experts. Whether a diagram, flowchart, or technical illustration our infographics designers deliver visual representations of your information or data. This is communicated in a graphical format that is easier for your audience to grasp and understand and more effective than words or pictures alone.

We can enhance your existing diagram and display it in a more visual format and align it with your brand. If you do not have e an existing infographic, let our designers can translate your raw data/information into intuitive custom infographics that reflect your vital information to your audience.

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