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TikTok, a vibrant & engaged global community

Peo­ple come to Tik­Tok to dis­cov­er new prod­ucts and inspi­ra­tion. With over 1.5 bil­lion users, we have some­thing for every­one, whether you’re sell­ing dog col­lars, can­dles, cloth­ing, art, vir­tu­al cook­ery lessons or mind­ful­ness coach­ing. Let us help you cap­ture the atten­tion of our engaged and grow­ing com­mu­ni­ty and posi­tion your­self as a leader in this rapid­ly grow­ing space.

Your 18–30 year Demographic is here

There is no oth­er social media app quite like Tik­Tok. It has a clear demo­graph­ic of 150 mil­lion Mil­len­ni­als and Gen-Zs. With users in more than 150 mar­kets and 75 lan­guages, Tik­Tok is on more mobile devices world­wide than any oth­er video app. 1 in 4 of Tik­Tok’s mil­lions of users can’t be found on any oth­er plat­forms — mak­ing it one of the most unique and engag­ing social media expe­ri­ences avail­able today.

Drive Going Viral

On Tik­Tok, you can reach new audi­ences and mar­kets with­out hav­ing to chase fol­low­ers. Our user inter­face is opti­mized for dis­cov­ery, which leads to longer ses­sion times and high engage­ment. You can encour­age engage­ment with hash­tag chal­lenges that can make your mar­ket­ing go viral. Our paid media team has decades of com­bined expe­ri­ence in under­stand­ing how your con­tent can be used to dri­ve new cus­tomers, sub­scribers, or installs. We imple­ment a full fun­nel mar­ket­ing approach across Tik­Tok to ensure your bud­get is ful­ly opti­mized for max­i­mum new cus­tomer impact.

Take Advantage Of TikTok Ad

Tik­Tok is a social media plat­form that is grow­ing in pop­u­lar­i­ty, espe­cial­ly among younger users. Brands can take advan­tage of this by adver­tis­ing on Tik­Tok to reach a wider audi­ence. In-feed video adver­tise­ments are the most pop­u­lar type of ad on Tik­Tok, so we rec­om­mend start­ing your cam­paign with this format.

Tik­Tok is a great plat­form to intro­duce your brand and prod­ucts to poten­tial cus­tomers. You can use short videos, around 9–15 sec­onds long, to grab atten­tion and quick­ly engage your audi­ence. Be sure to make your video look like an ad, as this will be more effec­tive. You can also break down your audi­ence accord­ing to the sales fun­nel to bet­ter tar­get your ads.

Bot­tom Of The Fun­nel Ads: These ads are designed to tar­get those who are close to mak­ing a pur­chase, but still need a lit­tle con­vinc­ing. We focus on using social proof to show them that oth­ers have had a pos­i­tive expe­ri­ence with your prod­uct or ser­vice. This could include reviews, awards, or cus­tomer tes­ti­mo­ni­als. By giv­ing them this final push, we can help increase the chances of them com­plet­ing a purchase.

Creative Direction

When cre­at­ing your Tik­Tok con­tent, there are a few things to con­sid­er in order to make sure your videos are top notch. Who is your tar­get audi­ence? What idea are you try­ing to put across? And most impor­tant­ly, how can you exe­cute your vision in the most cre­ative and visu­al­ly appeal­ing way possible?

When con­sid­er­ing your audi­ence, remem­ber that Tik­Tok’s user base is most­ly made up of 18–24 year olds. But that does­n’t mean you can’t cater to oth­er demo­graph­ics as well. The key is to cre­ate con­tent that every­one can enjoy.

As for your idea, it’s impor­tant to stay up-to-date with the lat­est trends on Tik­Tok. This means using pop­u­lar sounds and hash­tags in your videos. But it’s also impor­tant to have a pur­pose behind your con­tent. What is the mes­sage you’re try­ing to com­mu­ni­cate? What inspired you to cre­ate this video?

Build a community and drive brand awareness

Tik­Tok is a pow­er­ful plat­form that can help you con­nect with your tar­get audi­ence and build a strong com­mu­ni­ty of brand advocates.

Looking to increase online sales?

If you want to reach your tar­get audi­ence and boost your online sales, then make sure to share unique prod­uct fea­tures, cus­tomer reviews, coupons and offers. This will help you stand out from the com­pe­ti­tion and increase your chances of mak­ing a sale.

Retarget and sell to existing customers

Intro­duc­ing cus­tom audi­ences- a great way to tar­get your exist­ing cus­tomers and pro­mote new prod­ucts they might be inter­est­ed in. By show­cas­ing new prod­ucts, you can keep your cus­tomers engaged and com­ing back for more.

Turn prospects into leads

Iden­ti­fy and edu­cate poten­tial cus­tomers about your product/service by shar­ing an ebook/guide, run sur­veys, or gen­er­ate reg­is­tra­tions for prod­uct launch­es or events.

Brand Takeover

Tik­Tok adver­tis­ing can be a great way to get your brand noticed. With a care­ful­ly craft­ed image, you can make a last­ing impres­sion on users that will see your ad in their feed. Our team of experts at our Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Agency can help you cre­ate an amaz­ing ad that will make you stand out from the competition.

Native Video Ads

Are you look­ing for an impact­ful way to adver­tise your brand? Look no fur­ther than native video ads! These full-screen ads are 9–15 sec­onds long and can be found on the For You page, news­feeds, and even Tik­Tok. Skip­pable but also full of impact, native video ads are a great way to tell your brand sto­ry and build a fol­low­ing. Our social media mar­ket­ing experts can help you cre­ate fresh, engag­ing con­tent that will cap­ture your audi­ence’s atten­tion and elic­it strong emo­tions. After all, videos are one of the most effec­tive ways to com­mu­ni­cate with cus­tomers. So why not take advan­tage of this pow­er­ful tool? Con­tact us today to learn more about our native video ad services.

Hashtag Challenges

Hash­tag chal­lenges are a great way to get users involved and increase your fol­low­ing. By offer­ing incen­tives for peo­ple to cre­ate con­tent, you can max­i­mize your expo­sure to a valu­able audi­ence. Our ana­lyt­i­cal experts can help you inter­pret the data and engage­ments gen­er­at­ed by your hash­tag chal­lenges, so you can tar­get new audi­ences at lat­er stages of the con­ver­sion funnel.

Branded Lenses

There’s no doubt that Tik­Tok is one of the hottest social media plat­forms around. And, if you’re look­ing to get your brand noticed, one of the best ways to do so is with brand­ed lenses.

With brand­ed lens­es, you can show­case your brand mul­ti­ple times in a sin­gle day and reach a wide audi­ence. Plus, users can pro­mote your brand for you by using brand­ed stick­ers and oth­er con­tent in their videos.

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