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Email mar­ket­ing is a great way to gen­er­ate leads and sales for your busi­ness. You can tar­get spe­cif­ic groups of peo­ple with care­ful­ly craft­ed emails that will engage and con­vert them into cus­tomers. This form of mar­ket­ing is cost effec­tive, pow­er­ful and can eas­i­ly gen­er­ate hun­dreds of high-qual­i­ty leads depend­ing on your approach and budget.

Tak­ing care of every­thing from copy­writ­ing to ana­lyt­ics, our team will ensure that you do not miss out on the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­nect with your customers.

We can sup­port you with the method­i­cal man­age­ment of your data and cre­ate tar­get­ed cam­paigns that get your mes­sage across clear­ly to your intend­ed audience.

Enhanced skillset

We reg­u­lar­ly work on build­ing email tem­plates, con­struct­ing eye-catch­ing con­tent, build­ing and man­ag­ing mail­ing lists and care­ful­ly mon­i­tor­ing cam­paigns in order to achieve a suc­cess­ful out­come for our clients by increas­ing lead gen­er­a­tion, respons­es and web­site visits.

Campaign experience

Expe­ri­ence mat­ters when it comes to email. Our dig­i­tal team have tried and test­ed many email mar­ket­ing cam­paigns for a vari­ety of clients, so we know what works and how to adapt our approach for each client.

Minimise worries

We also focus on mak­ing sure the clients we work with are GDPR com­pli­ant by ensur­ing mail­ing lists and con­tact details are han­dled cor­rect­ly, so that’s one less thing for you to wor­ry about.

Reach new audiences

We spe­cialise in build­ing cold email mar­ket­ing cam­paigns that are tai­lored to your spe­cif­ic needs. Our data­bas­es are designed to pro­vide you with incred­i­ble ROI, (Return on your investment).

Improve conversions

Email nur­tur­ing is a process that helps you con­vert warm leads into cus­tomers. By build­ing email mar­ket­ing fun­nels that nur­ture your leads, you can ensure a high­er chance of success.

Re-engage customers

Look­ing to keep your cus­tomers engaged with auto­mat­ed email mar­ket­ing cam­paigns? Our cus­tomer life­cy­cle experts can help you build out effec­tive and engag­ing cam­paigns that will keep them com­ing back for more.

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The importance of an email marketing strategy

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When it comes to email mar­ket­ing, it is essen­tial to approach it method­i­cal­ly. Hit­ting send on a gener­ic email to an entire mail­ing list is like­ly to do more dam­age than good. With the intro­duc­tion of GDPR, it is also vital that any con­tact infor­ma­tion you have is treat­ed with a great deal of care.

The most impor­tant fac­tor when it comes to suc­cess­ful email mar­ket­ing is cor­rect­ly tar­get­ing your audi­ence. Per­son­alised, rel­e­vant and use­ful mes­sag­ing is imper­a­tive to achiev­ing your goals.

We will help you estab­lish an email strat­e­gy that ensures you send use­ful and insight­ful con­tent to the right audience.

Lead magnet funnels

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Lead mag­net fun­nels encour­age engage­ment from users by build­ing trust and inter­est over time. Although, lead mag­net fun­nels are gen­er­al­ly used as a soft-sell approach to gen­er­ate leads and sales, we help to strate­gise and imple­ment the fun­nel to meet your goals and adapt it for your busi­ness to boost brand awareness.

One of the main advan­tages of a lead mag­net fun­nel is that you can offer free con­tent as a non-com­mit­tal incen­tive to per­suade users to sub­mit their con­tact details to be added to your mail­ing list. Your mail­ing list will allow you to con­tact rel­e­vant peo­ple and build up their aware­ness of your brand over sev­er­al care­ful­ly planned emails.

Every lead mag­net fun­nel starts with an entry point to incen­tivise the user to sub­mit their email address/details in exchange for valu­able con­tent. The first email they receive, which may con­tain a link to free con­tent, is then trig­gered and they are then sent sub­se­quent auto­mat­ed emails, deter­mined by the lead mag­net fun­nel we create.

Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Our email mar­ket­ing ser­vices include:

  • Email list build­ing and management
  • Email mar­ket­ing strategy
  • Email tem­plate design and build
  • Con­tent creation
  • Plan­ning, exe­cut­ing and track­ing of email campaigns
  • Tech­ni­cal support
  • Sup­port with email software
  • GDPR

Comprehensive email marketing campaigns

We can cre­ate an email list of poten­tial leads who active­ly choose to hear from you. This can be an invalu­able asset as it helps to tar­get the appro­pri­ate peo­ple and companies.

Using the lat­est email soft­ware, we can direct your emails care­ful­ly to those most like­ly to open them. We can also tar­get peo­ple and busi­ness­es based on their loca­tion and rela­tion­ship to your brand.

Our design team can build bespoke and entic­ing email tem­plates to hold your all-impor­tant mes­sages. They under­stand that many of us open up our emails on mobile, so they will pro­duce mobile-friend­ly emails with a respon­sive design approach.

It is impor­tant to mon­i­tor the suc­cess of an email cam­paign in order to be able to make improve­ments. We care­ful­ly mon­i­tor the open rates, click-through met­rics and unsub­scribe count to fig­ure out what worked and what did not.

People we have worked with

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